Blink—And They're Grown

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About the Authors

Elizabeth Singleton and Archer Thomas are 4C for Children staff who are blogging each week from their “parent place,” addressing parenting issues and tackling the questions parents of young children often find themselves asking. They don’t have all of the answers, though, and not every answer works for every child or every family, so they want to hear what you have to say.

Singleton family photo 2017_croppedElizabeth is a 4C for Children Quality Programs Specialist, working with child care providers to make meaningful connections between training and classroom application in the Northern Kentucky Region. Her background in early childhood education met its match in the daily reality of being mom to two boys, ages five and two. Along with her supportive husband, Elizabeth strives to make daily moments meaningful in the lives of her children and family.

archer-family-croppedArcher is a Quality Programs Specialist working with school-age programs at 4C for Children in Greater Dayton. He is the oldest of four boys and first-time dad. He uses his years of scouting, camping and sports along with the most amazing wife to be the best parent and teacher for their son and daughter. Parenting has been like running day camp. It’s all about the (participants) children, always changing and evolving. It takes planning, skill, patience, lots of humor and fun. Allowing his children to discover their place in the world with loving support is what this “super dad” strives to do each day.

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