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You Want to Wear WHAT?

It could be 15 degrees outside and my younger son, Jansen, is wearing shorts and a hoodie. Covered from head to toe and still shivering, I ask him if he’s cold. His reply?


My older son, Jared, did the same thing when he was younger. I struggled every year with it, wondering, would he get sick? Would school staff judge my parenting abilities? I even got pressure from my mother-in-law. She would insist both boys wear long pants and a coat, but I had to step back and ask myself if this was even a battle worth fighting?

Every winter, I asked the same questions, trying to get them to wear pants, long sleeves and coats, but both boys would reply that they were more comfortable in shorts and that their friends were doing it, too. Instead of fighting with the boys every morning, I decided it was more important to keep some semblance of peace in my home. There were more important things to stay on top of my children for: being polite, being kind to others, doing their homework and getting good grades.

Despite the cough he’s had for a while and his classmates asking  if he is cold when his legs are purple upon arriving at school, he persists, and I can’t worry about it anymore. He’ll outgrow it. If Jansen wants to wear shorts during the cold winter months, that is his choice. He will eventually learn, just like his older brother did, that there are logical consequences.

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