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Will My Child Succeed in School?

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Lots of worries might run through a parent's head in the weeks before their child begins school!

Lots of worries might run through a parent’s head in the weeks before their child begins school!

Well, the time has come to see my little boy off to kindergarten. This is a time of confusing emotions, unknown expectations, and feelings of loss of control—but I’m not talking about how my son feels!

It is tough as a parent to overcome all of the worries that come with sending my kid off to school. Did we make the right choice in the school? Did I stand outside in sub-zero temperatures for days on end for a just cause? Will Schmee fit in? What’s his teacher like? Is this school as good as they say? Will we be able to get there on time for first bell? DO they even have first bell anymore? Ack!?!

I mean, elementary school can have long-lasting effects on a child’s psyche. His success not only as a productive citizen but also as an individual are riding on this. The hurdles and challenges he will face academically are one thing but the emotional roller coaster ride of fitting in and finding his place in the crowd is a totally different game altogether. Will he succeed in finding himself? Will he be able to define who he is and find his niche?

Now that I’ve taken time to slow down and think for a moment, I realize that he has already set the foundation on which to build his success. He has already begun to define who he is (and he is, in my humble opinion, the smartest 5-year-old I’ve ever met—and I’ve known a few hundred at least. No bias of course.). I believe that the fact that he has been in a quality preschool program has had many benefits. The love and attention he has received in the program has certainly helped him to reach his full potential and I am positive that he will continue to grow and be successful because of the support he was provided.

Obviously, even the most perfect environment will not mitigate the strong emotions and physical barriers that are sure to come as he grows older but I have a firm belief that because of his early care and education he is ready to continue to learn and that he will be successful in life.

Now for my own emotional roller coaster ride—I might need some therapy!

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