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Feels Like Yesterday

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“They grow up so fast, don’t they?!”

I don’t like that phrase. It may have something to do with the fact that, in my mind, we grow everyday, which means no one day different than any other. Some days seem to go by more quickly than others, and sometimes weeks seem to go by so quickly that I wonder where the time went, what I did and maybe even ask myself if I did enough.

What would I’d like to consider instead?

“Have I remembered enough of my time with them?”

Time does not stop and nor should the memories.

I remember the drive with my mom when I first left for college: we talked about all of the things she was concerned about, how much she was going to miss me, and how she reminded me that she’d packed enough peanut butter crackers to feed a small army and should I run out she could send more… it feels like yesterday.

I remember when Schmee Wee was born and holding him, cooing and smiling as he yawned that new born yawn – you know, the one that makes you melt with pure joy. I remember his first successful steps on his own, how he stumbled at first rising up on the ball and tiptoes of his right foot, hands splayed in the air, planting his left foot firmly on the floor, smiling a five-toothed smile… that feels like yesterday, too.

I remember Sweet Pea smiling as I tickled her chin within her first few weeks of life, reflexive, perhaps, but so joyful and darn cute! The time she spoke her first recognizable word couldn’t have made her big brother happier as she pointed to him while saying his name… you guessed it, yesterday.

They don’t grow up fast. I just don’t count the minutes waiting for something to happen because something will always happen and things will never be dull for long. I hope to continue to be so busy that I don’t remember the boring parts. When that time comes, maybe I’ll agree that they grow up so fast.

One thought on “Feels Like Yesterday

  1. “The days are long but the years are short”
    That is the saying about parenthood that I find to be so very true.