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Enjoy the Weather

A lot of the people I’ve spoken with lately are done with winter. Repeatedly digging out the car with cold, wet, dirty, icy and frozen fingers has really taken its toll and they just want to move on. I have a different view: Cherish these days.

Let me explain.

My family looks forward to the snow and ice for several reasons. For one, it gives us something new to do. Just today we made airplane seats out of a mountain of snow shoveled from the driveway, complete with arm rests and cup holders. We basked in our seats for awhile before Schmee decided to head off with his “jet pack” to another place. The ice blocks found lying around became crashed asteroids from space and we needed to get them to a safe place before the dinosaurs smashed them. Or Sweet Pea, whichever came first.

Little Pea doesn’t really like slipping and sliding on the ice, but I know she is further developing those muscles and learning to balance better because she’s working on not falling down. You can see the wonderment through the tears as she stares at the forms created with her hands and feet. The other day after taking a few steps she looked back behind her and pointing said, “Guh!” Then cracked a crazy chuckle as she took some more steps.

I want to be there with Schmee and Sweet Pea through everything, no matter how cold it gets. Truthfully we don’t really have that many cold days here in Cincinnati. We average only 81 days a year below 40 degrees. The other 284 days are spent in relatively warm weather. Besides, if properly bundled and layered, you’d be surprised how much cold we humans can tolerate.

In our region we have the luxury of enjoying a wide variety of weather patterns, and winter is just as important as summer. To those wishing for warmer days, I say, “Bring the kids. We’ll make footprints and first-class plane seats.”

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