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Best Friends Forever

Finding a best friend is a childhood rite of passage.Finding a best friend is a rite of passage for most children, and my daughter is no exception.

I met my first best friend, Debbie Miller, when I was in kindergarten and we were inseparable until third grade when I changed schools. While we aren’t still in touch, her friendship left an indelible mark on me. I have the same hope for my daughter. But, last year we were new to the area and her school and while she made friends, she never really made a best friend connection. My daughter is not shy but she struggled to find that one friend with whom she connected. I was hoping that when she started back to school this year that she would find that person.

There were several girls in her class that she knew from the previous school year, but as girls tend to do, they had already paired off with one another. I noticed Maddy seemed to have her feelings hurt when she would see friends walking into school holding hands, excluding her. And so, to my delight, she has finally found her very own best friend. Well, if I am being honest, her BFF found her!

Maddy and Angelina were in cheerleading together this summer and then ended up with the same teacher when school started. I didn’t notice them playing together much during cheerleading, but once school started, there was a shift. I started hearing a lot of stories about Angelina and at cheerleading Angelina became determined to stand next to Maddy. Maddy seemed oblivious at first, but in time they became to rely upon each other.

After talking to Angelina’s mom I found out that she was an only child, just like my Maddy. They just seemed to be a natural fit for one another. This past weekend, they had their very first play date together and I honestly don’t know which one of them was more excited. In the short two hours they played together, there was laughing, crying and then more laughing. Observing their play date was like watching the child’s version of the movie Beaches. I loved it!

I am so happy for each of them that they have found a friend that makes them feel a part of something and gives them a sense of belonging. Maddy’s BFF from first grade may not end up being a life-long friend but for now, these two are being the best friends they know how to be to one another.

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