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Let It Go

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Whenever “Let It Go” is played in a public place, I hear women and children loudly sing along. The song clearly has an upbeat rhythm, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s more than the rhythm that has caught on.

If you listen to the words of this song, you may feel quite inspired. For me phrases like, “I am one with the wind and sky,” help to remind me that I am a part of something bigger. While the phrase “the past is in the past” reminds me that I can only move forward. “Let it go, let it go, that perfect girl is gone. Here I stand in the light of day,” encourages me to honor who I am and not be afraid to show my true self to others.

It’s no wonder that this song has struck a chord – especially for women and girls. Many women move through life carrying with them the pressure to live up to the expectations of being a good daughter, sister, mother and friend. Add to that the role of caretaker, nurturer and fixer, and it’s easy to see that women carry a lot on their backs. What this song may be doing is giving women the permission to let some of this go. And maybe most importantly this song may remind us to help our young girls to do the same.

Girls are often taught that being “good” is accomplished by putting their own needs and desires aside. This is done to help prepare them for the years when they will be expected to nurture and rescue their children, fix problems and sacrifice their own needs for the benefit or success of others. And though some of these behaviors may be admirable, do these expectations hamper our young girls from freely being themselves? Are our young girls growing up worrying too much about what others think? And if our young girls are carrying this kind of pressure, then “let it go” is an incredible mantra to sing!

It seems to me that by letting go our girls will flourish. By helping them to feel confident about themselves, step into their own light and maximize their strengths we may be able to alleviate the pressure to fit in and be perfect. However this also requires that as mothers, teachers, aunts and mentors must let go as well. We have to intentionally let go of our self doubt, our needs to be liked and our fears that we are not good enough. Our girls will benefit from our example and our courage. As we are able to stand in our true light, our girls will see that they can be loved and appreciated for their own individual gifts and strengths.

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