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Guilt: It’s a Mom Thing

In the tradition of children raised in the 70s, I was the child of a stay-at-home mom. And life was good. Winter, spring and summer breaks from school were spent taking vacations and generally playing from the time the sun came up until the sun came down. There were no routines or schedules, just pure, unadulterated fun.

Conversely, in the tradition of children raised in the 21st century, my daughter does not have a stay-at-home mom. The decision to stay at home or work will probably be debated and agonized over for the rest of time, but for me, being a working mother is a reality. And as many of you probably know first-hand, it comes with no small amount of guilt. My daughter is currently spending her spring break from kindergarten at her child care center. And while I know she does truly love it there, I have been overcome this past week with guilt that she is not having a “real” spring break. I think about the things I did as a child and wish so much for her to experience those same things.

And then it hits me. While I am wishing for her to share my experiences and childhood memories, she is busy creating her own. One experience doesn’t have to be better than another. Instead of trying to recreate a time gone by, I should be helping her create her own memories and traditions. My memories of childhood are filled with love, a lot of laughter and family. I can only hope that Maddy will be able to say the same someday.

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