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I’m a New Dad – Again!

Josh Craig, project coordinator for the 4C for Children Family Child Care Language and Literacy Project, recently became a new father – again! – and will be joining the Blink — and They’re Grown blogging team in 2014.

I recently became a dad… again! I can’t believe with all that my family has endured over the past 18 months that the day has finally arrived. My family has grown not just by one but by leaps and bounds.

Photo courtesy of Mike Styer.

Photo courtesy of Mike Styer.

Ours is a story not unlike many. We’ve experienced the grueling pain of a miscarriage, sought the expertise of a fertility specialist, found out we were pregnant again (yay! and OMG!), worked around the clock fix up and sell our house, moved out of that house and into four different homes with my very pregnant wife before settling down, and finally welcomed our daughter into the world. This journey has been heartbreaking, sorrowful, challenging, jubilant, exciting and strengthening.

I know it may sound like first world tragedy kind of stuff, but all of it has culminated in this lovely addition to my family and I can’t help but appreciate every moment with her. Some say that newborns don’t do a whole lot but eat, sleep and, you know, poop, but when I look at my Sweet Pea I see her gears turning, synapses firing and know she’s sharing with me a loving, bonding moment.

Just last week I was busy making peanut butter pumpkin cookies with my son, we’ll call him Schmee. While he washed some bowls and spoons and I briskly creamed butter and sugar, I heard that tiny whimper and awful “Kack!” that Sweet Pea makes when she needs something. I scooped her up and looked her in the eye and she just seemed to say, “You’re not Mama, but you’ll do nicely.”

Not wanting to interrupt the cookie making process, I went back to the dough, adding peanut butter and pumpkin with one hand while holding Sweet Pea in the other. I started singing something about, “This is the way we mix the dough, mix the dough,” with Schmee chiming in with his operatic, “All day long! Yum, yum, yum!” With the bowl skipping all over and me juggling her, Sweet Pea closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Schmee and I finished making the cookies, and all the while I held my little Sweet Pea. Moments like this make me so happy and proud to be a father.

The cookies didn’t disappoint, either.

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