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If you snooze, you lose! Or do you?

How many times do you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock before you actually get out of bed? Most parents who have to get up in the morning to get themselves ready for work and their children for school probably answered, “several times.” Have you ever considered extending that invitation for “just a little more sleep” to your children?

If you snooze, you lose! Or do you? Tips for parents for smoother mornings.

A few extra minutes of sleep has never hurt anyone. However, some parents expect their children to jump right out of bed and fail to give them the option to snooze a little before getting into the morning routine. Parents often wonder why children are cranky, need assistance getting dressed or struggle staying awake. I feel children who are given extra time to wake up slowly are more capable of going with the flow than those who are expected to jump right up out of bed.

Adults benefit from using the snooze button simply because they give their body more time to wake up naturally. Children need time to wake up naturally, too. I encourage parents not only to put their children to bed at a decent time, but to allow their children to “snooze,” too. For example, if a parent wants their child to start getting ready at 7:00 a.m., I encourage that parent to begin the wake-up process at least 20 minutes before. You give your child the chance to “snooze,” and you don’t run the risk of running late.

I have had my fair share of battles with my son and daughter when I expected them to jump right up out of bed and into the morning routine. But when we all get the chance to “snooze,” their day and my day goes much better.

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