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Our First Day!


I am so excited; it’s our first day of day care tomorrow! Never did I think I would put a dog in day care! Now I have. I am now sensitive to all those nagging questions parents have running through their mind when choosing child care for their children: Will he be okay?  Will I like the center and the staff?  Is she getting the best care possible?  Is he learning anything while he’s there?  Will she make any friends? Will they call me if he hurts anyone or gets hurt?  LOL

We have been in the facility often, whether for grooming, browsing or heading to the vet.  So, I am familiar with the layout and the employees. I’ve watched the other dogs through the window and observed how the staff interacts with them. It really is exhausting just to watch all the activity, and I am thankful they are very interactive. But that’s what they are trained to do, right?  I think I really should ask what their training credentials are.

In the past when Elvis stayed overnight or was at the vet for an all-day excursion, I was presented with a daily report of how he did that day and I found that very comforting.  It’s nice to know what toy he liked the best, how much he ate and when he napped.  The positive comments on his personality made me feel that the staff really cared about him and wanted me to be comfortable bringing him back again.

I am really looking forward to Elvis having a very active and productive day tomorrow and getting socialized with new friends. His trainer calls him “high-driven.” I said do you mean like ADHD?  He explained that my boy would keep on going and going until his job was done, unlike another breed that might just lie down and say, “Okay, that’s enough” I like the positive spin.

It’s really nice when trainers (or teachers) can interject the good qualities they note in your dog (your child).We may have reached our threshold with any behavior that frustrates us and closed our eyes to anything positive.

I remember when friends of mine used doggie day care and how they were able to access online viewing of their dogs in action. My center doesn’t have that amenity. Just as parents do with children, we each have our own comfort level and criteria of what’s important for us in a care provider, be it for our pets or our children.  In any event, whether searching for a caregiver for your dog or child, be sure to think long and hard about the questions you will want answered before you make your choice.


Photo courtesy of Andrea Arden

3 thoughts on “Our First Day!

  1. Deb, I love when you share from your parenting place! : )

  2. thanks Tammi, it seems once a parent, always a parent!

  3. Hi Debbie, what kind of dog breed is that in the picture? Very cute.