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Put a Bib on It

Parents are always very excited about the birth of a new baby, but being a first time parent can easily become overwhelming. Put a Bib on It is a newly developed 4C blog that provides new parents an opportunity to share their parenting stories and woes while gaining parenting insights and reactions from other new moms and dads.

Two new 4C bloggers will offer parents a forum for sharing ideas and exploring the joys (and perils) of being a new parent.  Sadie Bonifas, 4Cfor Children’s professional development coordinator in Northern Kentucky, is a first-time mom to 15-month-old Everett. Jillian Kuhlmann, 4C’s communications specialist, is a mom-to-be, expecting her first baby this month!

Head on over to Put a Bib on It  to see what “great expectations” Sadie and Jillian have and how that aligns with the reality of baby makes three!

– Carolyn, Debbie, Diann and Tammi

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