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Accidents Happen, But Not to Moms!


I recently broke my arm, and while I’d love to tell people I broke it while skiing in the Alps or falling off stage during an American Idol audition, the truth is that I was walking our black lab. I got tangled in the leash and down I went, that Life Alert commercial playing in my head: Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

In the ambulance all I could think was, who’s going to manage the kids and the house now? Accidents happen, but not to moms! Don’t we all think that we do it all, so therefore nobody else can possibly be up to the job? Like the time I threw a pirate-themed birthday party for my son… while I had the flu. We moms get used to our routines and doing everything for everyone , so it can be hard to take a step back and  let our family shine.

Being forced to take it easy, I have been pleasantly surprised by my family’s support during my accident. My husband and girls stepped up and have kept the household running smoothly while also being my nursemaids. I’m feeling a little like one of the kids myself. They have fed me, dressed me, taken my temperature and buckled me into my car seat. They’ve survived a couple of my crying spells and tantrums. My husband walks the dog every day, doctor’s orders. I am so proud of how they embraced their new caregiver roles!

Now that I am on the mend, I can feel my daughters slowly handing me back my responsibilities as my strength returns. While I wouldn’t recommend breaking a bone to anyone, I can’t say I haven’t appreciated getting to see my children show me how much they’ve learned from the care I’ve provided for them over the years. Somehow, it makes it all worthwhile.

– Debbie

Photo courtesy of Jenny Lee Silver.

4 thoughts on “Accidents Happen, But Not to Moms!

  1. My biggest fear, as a childcare provider, was always, “What if I’m on crutches?” Let’s face it, you simply can’t be caring for a room full on toddlers while on crutches! Well, not that I’m a nanny, I did face a severely sprained foot just the past few weeks. At first, I could hardly even walk. And yet, there I was, at work.

    The 5 yr old really stepped up and occupied the 2 yr old peacefully, allowing me to spend more time than usual sitting and watching (or reading to them!). It’s impressive how children respond when an adult is injured. Even the 2 yr old understood that something wasn’t right and was extra-helpful (such as…not fighting a diaper change!). Hope for continued healing for you, Debbie!

  2. Karen,
    Thanks for your input! Aren’t children amazing with their responses? Obviously, they have had some good modeled behavior to imitate at those ages. Healing to you as well 🙂

  3. Love your writing…I broke my first bone by walking my dog too. That was three summers ago. My left hand is still not the same. My lab puppy keeps pulling on that side. My daughter was a teenager. She was not helpful and I had to call my friends to help me and cut my hair. I have talked to many of my friends and their children were extremely unhelpful as well when they were teenagers. So if you are going to get hurt. do it while they are young and still feeling helpful.