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Joy to the World! Or Should I Say Hazel?

4C’s Carolyn Brinkmann shares a truly joyful story for the holidays…

As I was preparing to write this blog, I received a wonderful phone call that provided me with the inspiration for what I wanted to share during this holiday season. Hazel was born December 13, and what JOY she has brought!

A close friend of mine has always wanted to be a mother, and quite frankly is the kind of person that should be. By day she is a teacher dedicated to the children in her class, by night she is a great friend, wife and daughter. She is genuine and caring, always has a smile to share and I am not kidding, has a twinkle in her eye when she laughs. But as life would have it, my friend is unable to have children of her own. While for some this would be a hurtle they would never overcome, for her there was never a doubt that she would be a mother.

So three weeks ago when I received word that she and her husband had found a baby to adopt, I was thrilled. Something wonderful was happening in the world: my friend would be a mother! The baby girl was born last week and all was on schedule for the adoption… or so it would seem.

This past Saturday, the young college student, who is the baby’s biological mother, was unable to sign the adoption papers. She was struggling to take the final step, and who can blame her? For those who have carried a child and grown attached to a child, how can you make the choice to give your baby to someone else? Your head may be clear, but how do you clear your heart? And yet, as I talked to my friend, I tried to find words of comfort and reassurance. It was so clear in talking with her that she had fallen head over heels in love with this baby girl. They were attached. She had not left the baby since she was born. She was there when her baby girl entered the world and their hearts had joined.  Certainly it would all work out, the young biological mother just needed some time. Certainly she would realize the adoption was the right thing to do. Right?

Over the past several days,  they were all in my thoughts:  I prayed for my friend who was hopeful and yet so scared, my heart was aching for the young biological mother and the choices she had to make. I worried about Hazel.  I wondered what was truly best and tried to believe that whatever was best would happen. For all of them.

The phone call came yesterday. Hazel was adopted by my friend and her husband! JOY had come to my friend and the young biological mother had found the strength, answers and resolve she needed to take the final step. She brought into the world a beautiful baby girl and made someone else’s dreams come true. She is to be admired.

And when I think of them now, all of them, I am overwhelmed with a full heart and with gratitude that there are people among us who are so generous, loving and compassionate.  I am grateful for Hazel and the reminder she brings us,  reminders of what is truly important in our lives and that giving of ourselves is the most precious gift we can bestow on another. So thank you Hazel for the JOY you  have brought, at least to my tiny corner of the world!

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