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No Halloween policy scares up some interest!

It has been a lot of fun to have the Halloween topic garners so much interest. This week the Business Courier’s publisher Doug Bolton said in his Cincy Biz Blog, “This blog is a good example of how even nonprofits can take advantage of new media.” Today I spoke with Mike McConnell of WLW on air and had a good time discussing why some of the trappings of Halloween can scare pre-school age children — it is all about understanding how young children develop.

Something to add to the discussion- there are many Halloween options in the community for families and parents who love the holiday and all its trappings. Those families can opt to participate or not. In child care, parents are relying on a service so they can work. It is not something where they can easily opt out for the day. Programs who consider the wide-ranging needs and beliefs of families are being respectful of their customers.

Halloween is far from the biggest issue in the world of child care. More pressing is the need for families being able to find and afford quality care, especially during hard times. Look for more on these topics in coming posts. – Elaine Ward –

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